Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Super Bowl Party & Ghost Pepper Wings

O’Tooles “Ghost Pepper Wing Insanity Challenge” takes a total of 
fifteen (15) minutes to complete.
You must exhibit the insane ability to consume all of the meat 
off of Eight (8) of our insanely hot  “Ghost Pepper” sauced wings in 
Ten (10) Minutes using only your hands. 
No utensils and no napkins may be used.
Beer is the only beverage you will be allowed to consume 
during the 10 minutes (if you so desire, it is not 
requirement), but it must be a Michigan beer.
 No other beverages or foods are allowed for 
15 minutes after the clock starts.
In addition to the ten minutes required to finish the wings, 
an additional Five (5) Minute Afterburn is required during 
which time you may use one (1) dry napkin only.

No other food or beverage may be consumed whatsoever
during the five minute afterburn.
In the wildly remote chance that you are able to complete 
the O’Tooles Insanely Hot Ghost Pepper Insanity Challenge, you won’t have
to pay for the wings. That’s right, Free Wings!
Also, you will be presented with an official certificate declaring you completely insane and...  Your name and photo will be enshrined for eternity into the Record Book of the Flamingly Insane

Most likely you will begin the exam and fail...
When that happens you still get your picture taken but it gets placed alongside all the other losers in the giant loser section.  (Oh, and you have to pay for the wings.)

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