Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

I regret to inform you that I am no longer financially able to continue supporting the presence of our brave and honorable soldiers in the United States military which are stationed in Afghanistan. I am truly sorry. There are just so many other things I have to pay for that I must insist that you cease and desist any future deductions from my paycheck in this regard. 

Perhaps it would be prudent at this time for us to just get the heck out of Afghanistan and for that matter, anywhere else we are not wanted and don't belong. We are sacrificing our (taxpaying citizens) hard earned money and more importantly, American lives to help people that DO NOT WANT OUR HELP. I say good, let's not help them, that's more to spend on America's children! It's time to concentrate on the good old USA as I think she's starting to get away from you.

Also, If you could provide us (taxpayers) with a checklist showing where and how much of our paychecks go to each individual government agency/program we could as individuals check yes or no to support these. A list of what you guys purchased with my money over the last 36 years with receipts would be helpful too. Thanks a bunch!

Sincerely, Jeffrey M. Jepko, 
U.S. Citizen, Regular Voter, and Ardent & Continual Taxpayer in The Great State of Michigan, Oakland County since 1975.

I am including a copy of the U.S. Constitution as it seems the copy that you guys are reading from is different from the one I have. It should begin with "We The People". If yours begins with "We The Government" then you have the wrong one.

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