Monday, November 28, 2011

O'Tooles Bistro & Pub
A Local Neighborhood Joint

At O’Tooles Bistro & Pub at Cass Lake, as with our sister restaurant O’Tooles Royal Oak, we believe in keeping Michigan dollars in Michigan. That’s why we do all of our purchasing with local purveyors that supply Michigan products and in turn support Michigan growers, farmers, ranchers and other local artisans.
 Economic studies have proven that money spent locally, with Michigan based companies, has a strong positive impact on all of us. A higher percentage of money spent with local companies tends to remain in a smaller geographic zone than money spent with national (and global) corporations with offices and headquarters outside of Michigan.
We are here in Michigan because we choose to be. Not because of tax credits or incentives. We grew up here. We remain because we believe in Michigan and Michiganders.
We also understand that things are still tough for the vast majority of Americans. Michiganders especially. But we here in Michigan are a tenacious  bunch and we will weather this economic muddle we find ourselves in. In the mean time, the brain trust here at O’Tooles is dreaming up some real cool incentives to keep your hard earned money right here with a Michigan based company. Watch for some super duper upcoming dining deals.

Buy Local, Buy Michigan
O’Tooles Bistro & Pub
A Michigan Company

-Jeffrey Jepko (Valente), Corporate Executive Chef
At Home on the Range in O'Tooles Kitchen

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