Sunday, November 27, 2011

O'Tooles Menu Shots

The Traverse City Salad
spring greens, michigan dried cherries, toasted pecans, gorgonzola, red onions, 
raspberry vinaigrette (great with a salmon fillet or a skewer of grilled shrimp!)

Turkey & Swiss on Spinach Wrap
fresh sliced smoked turkey, baby swiss, sprouts, 
healthy slaw, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard

Francesca's Fish (not Phish) Tacos
marinated mahi mahi, pico di gallo, avocado, cilantro, lime, healthy slaw
served with sides of black beans veracruz and whole grains & lentils

The Nutty Caesar on Honey Wheat Wrap
romaine, pecans, dried michigan cherries, blue cheese, 
grilled chicken, house made caesar dressing

The BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza
mozz, house bbq pulled pork, smoked mozz, 
creamy slaw, crispy chop house onions

All Items Available at O'Tooles Bistro & Pub
Open for Lunch and Dinner Every Day

4000 Cass Elizabeth Road, Waterford MI. 48328

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-Jeffrey Jepko (Valente), Corporate Executive Chef
Home on the Range in O'Tooles Kitchen

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