Sunday, November 27, 2011

Real Italian Pizza at O'Tooles Cass Lake

One of the prominent features on The New O’Tooles Bistro & Pub menu are the incredible Real Italian Pizzas. Everything made fresh from scratch.
  • Our Dough - Made on premise from scratch daily with all natural ingredients and always hand stretched.
  • Our Pizza Sauce - Made from imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes, grown on the La Valle family farm and picked at their sun-ripened best in the lava rich soil around Mt. Vesuvius. No sugar, no funny business.
  • Our Vegetables - Purchased fresh from local Michigan suppliers and hand cut.
  • Our Meats - Local purveyors provide us with the best that Michigan has to offer. Fresh, natural and local whenever possible.

We have divided our Real Italian Pizzas into two distinct categories:
  • White Pizzas, made without tomato sauce. These begin with a slight drizzle of imported extra virgin olive oil before we layer on the cheese and select toppings.
  • Red Pizzas, begin with a bright red tomato sauce and then the cheeses and select toppings.
Some of our cool Pizza offerings:
  • Pizza Margherita - tomato sauce, fresh mozz, fresh basil
  • The Four Seasons - an italian classic divided into quarters with a unique topping on each quarter
  • The Spartan - spinach, fresh tomato, olives, red onion, feta 
  • The Ann Arbor Special - roasted peppers, artichokes, roasted onions, mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese
  • The Jessie Mack - double pepperoni, ham, fresh sausage, bacon
  • The Johnny P. - truffled mushrooms, roasted onions, goat cheese, pine nuts, pistachio
  • Frank’n Fries - fries, michigan hot dogs, cheddar
And the most popular pizza at O'Tooles thus far:
  • THE LAFAYETTE - detroit style coney chili, michigan hot dogs, onions, cheddar, yellow coney mustard.  It tastes just like a coney on a toasted bun!
Other pizza offerings include:
  • The 3 meat/3 veg Cass Lake Special
  • The sausage & peperonata Ruggirello Pizza with smoked mozz in honor of Little Italy
  • The anchovy, caper & oregano laden Napoletana
  • A classic Italian Four Cheese Pizza
  • The Cheddar BLT
  • A Spinach & Artichoke with alfredo sauce
  • The down home BBQ Pulled Pork finished with slaw and crispy fried onions

Of course you can always build your own from our diverse and unique topping list.

The thin crusted round pizzas are available in two sizes. 
A 12” with 6 slices at $7.95 for the basic cheese pizza (this is the size your local pizzeria calls a medium), and the 16” with 10 slices at $12.95 (what they call an extra large).
We are also making thicker crust detroit style square versions.
Watch for some special deals coming your way too!

O'Tooles Bistro & Pub
Open for Lunch and Dinner Every Day
4000 Cass Elizabeth Road, Waterford MI. 48328

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